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The Benefits of a Bankruptcy Attorney

25.02.2015 by Law Firm of Seglund Gabe Pawlak & Groth in Bankruptcy

There are many benefits to hiring a bankruptcy attorney to assist you with creating a plan for managing overwhelming debt.

bankruptcyBankruptcy is a complicated process and it is important to approach the situation with careful thought and planning. While it may seem like there is no other way out of an overwhelming financial situation, bankruptcy is just one of the many options available for tackling unmanageable debt. When working to decide what the best financial plan is, it is important to consult a bankruptcy attorney who can help you understand all of your options, make a smart decision, and move forward through the process.

There are many benefits to hiring a bankruptcy attorney. From planning, to advice, to filing, and beyond, a bankruptcy attorney will help you navigate the complicated web of bankruptcy law with your best interest in mind.

Legal Knowledge and Experience

Bankruptcy laws have only become more complicated in recent years and a bankruptcy attorney has the experience and training to help you navigate all the changes and requirements of the law. Additionally, a bankruptcy attorney can provide advice and counsel on the best options, to help you save the most money and eliminate the most debt. In some cases, there are better alternatives than filing for bankruptcy, and a bankruptcy attorney can help you discover and analyze all of the options for your specific financial situation.

Creditor Communications

Nothing is more stressful than continuous harassment from collection agencies and assertive creditors. A bankruptcy attorney will be able to communicate with harassing creditors so you no longer have to deal with them. They will handle all communication moving forward until the filing process is complete.

Accurate and Timely Filing

A bankruptcy attorney will be able to advise you on the best way to file for bankruptcy and the best timing to minimize your losses. In some cases, it may be necessary to wait a while before filing so that you maximize the debt that can be claimed. So it is important to make an educated and strategic decision about the timing.

Representation in Court

A bankruptcy attorney will provide all the necessary filing and representative services with the bankruptcy courts. They can ensure paperwork is completed accurately and within the appropriate deadlines. This is very important because mistakes during this process can lead to the chance of certain debts being excluded during the bankruptcy filing.

Seglund Gabe Pawlak & Groth, PLC

If unmanageable debt is burdening your life, it is time to consult with a bankruptcy attorney to learn about your options for getting your fresh start. Our experienced attorneys are committed to providing our clients with the guidance and support that they need to resolve their legal issues. With over five decades of experience serving clients in Southeastern Michigan, the attorneys of Seglund Gabe Pawlak & Groth, PLC have the experience and resources to resolve your legal issues. Our expert bankruptcy law attorneys are seasoned professionals that will help you successfully navigate this time in your life.

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