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We can help you through the process of buying, selling, renting, or leasing residential and commercial property.

Our real estate attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with the laws that govern real estate transactions. We can assist you from the time you list your property for sale, or make an offer to purchase, to the time the sale closes, and even afterwards to make sure that documents have been properly filed or recorded.

Contact one of our real estate attorneys today for more information.

If you would like advice regarding the sale or purchase of residential or commercial property, or advice relating to a past purchase that may or may not involve litigation, contact our real estate attorneys to help with all of your legal needs. Our team of real estate attorneys includes Paul V. Groth and Gerald A. Pawlak. Complete the “Request a Consultation” form or contact us at (248) 869-0030 today.


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Meet Your Lawyers

Gerald A. Pawlak

Gerald A. Pawlak has focused his practice on matters involving Civil Litigation as well as on Real Estate transactions involving residential and commercial properties for the residents and businesses of Wixom and the surrounding communities. Mr. Pawlak has more than 15 years’ experience in the handling of commercial and residential real estate transactions.

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Paul V. Groth is a member/partner of the firm who has practiced law for nearly 3 decades. His experience and knowledge on legal issues concerning criminal, domestic relations, real estate, bankruptcy, and municipal matters has made him a valuable asset to the Seglund Gabe Pawlak & Groth, PLC. Paul has the experience that is necessary to effectively represent his clients fairly.

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Our real estate attorneys have many years of experience in handling various types of real estate matters in Southeast Michigan. They are well versed in transactions including commercial and residential sales/purchases, leases, land contracts and the financing or refinancing of mortgage loans. Our attorneys also represent mortgage holders and home owners in mortgage foreclosure proceedings. They can prepare and review all of the documents that are necessary for a real estate transaction to ensure that everything has been drafted properly to protect your interests. And if you end up in a dispute over a real estate transaction, our attorneys are experienced litigators in the State and federal courts in the area. They handle a variety of matters, including quiet title actions, mortgage foreclosures, landlord-tenant matters, land contract forfeitures/foreclosures and easement/boundary disputes.

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