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How Is Child Support Determined In Michigan?

Child support is based upon three main factors: the income of the payer, the income of the payee, and the number of overnights each party has with the child. Even if there is a joint custodial arrangement with one party earning considerably more, that party may have to pay child support, based upon the calculations. Those are the Michigan child support guidelines and are to be followed by the court. However, the court can deviate from that amount. If the parties wish to have the amount deviated, they will need to convince the judge that it is appropriate to deviate from the guidelines.

What Is The Process To Get Child Support Started?

Child support commences when someone requests that child support be paid. If the parties are still living together with the child or children, then usually there is no child support until the parties are separated.

How Long Does Child Support Last?

Child support lasts until a child reaches the age of 18 or, if that child is still in high school and is living with the party receiving the support on a full-time basis, child support can continue through age 19-and-a-half.

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